Saturday, January 31, 2009

Souper Saturday My Little Dumplin'

I know - you're saying "What? She's cooking a poultry soup again?"

Yes I am... but hey I'm still sick... well OK I am feeling a little better but not enough to spend a lot of time cooking... and chicken soup still sounds good.

But I'm going to change it up by making Chicken & Dumplings!

ChicknDumplins 004

So to get started... I threw all this in the pot... a whole chicken breast, large hunks of celery and carrots, dehydrated onion and garlic - yep still no fresh onions - what can I say... I'm not going to the store just for onions.  After the chicken breast has cooked I'll debone  it and throw out those carrots and celery and put fresh chopped ones in.  I've found that if I'm going to cook for a long time the veggies get tasteless - so these will help flavor the soup and the new ones will be tasty too.

ChicknDumplins 003

Now tell me... what is the point of looking through the leaves in the Bay Leaf container for a whole one?  I laughed when I realized I was trying to only find whole ones... a broken one would be just fine for flavor. 

I'll add to this post later when I finish but wanted to get this started... now to go sew.

Later Saturday afternoon:  After cooking for awhile I pulled the meat off the bones and added seasonings and let it simmer for awhile whilst I cleaned the kitchen.  I also put in some smoked sausage... because I like smoked sausage with chicken - you could leave it out.

Then I mixed up the dumplings according to the Bisquick recipe.


2 cups mix, 2/3 cup milk, mix and drop by spoonfuls into the boiling soup...


Simmer 10 minutes with the lid off - then 10 more minutes with the lid on.


Enjoy one or two bowls.... Mmmm mmmm mm!

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