Friday, January 16, 2009

My Public Service Today...

I saw the trash truck go by this morning... this way beyond freezing hiney cold morning.  (Certainly not as cold as some areas... but cold none the less for us)

So as a public service today - I did not put my recycle bin out.  If I had then they would have had to stop, get off the back of the truck (why do they ride back there in the winter? Oooooo the wind chill) and empty my barely half full container. 

So as a public service... and because I'm a wienie of the highest order when it's cold outside... I'm going to just let it go another week... or two... or at least until closer to being full.

Now I've got to figure out how to get my mail without going outside... hmmmm?? I know... The Engineer is going to be back tonight from a trip - he can get the mail when he gets home.

Oh and remember his luggage... it was found and delivered to his hotel and he was able to change at lunch - nice and spiffy like everyone else.  It's been in the 80's in CA... what a shock it's gonna be when he gets home!  Brrrrrrr!


Anonymous said...

BRRRRRRRRR is right ! I hauled myself to JoAnn's today because I still had two 50% coupons I just had to use ! but the mail box is not a priority !
I saw the strip cutters you were talking about ( I think ) June taylor ?? There was a long one and a square one . The long for 1" strips and the other for 1/2 " increments ,I think . which ones did you have ? recommend ? I have 3 more 50% coupons for next week .

Bon said...

I was wondering if the Engineer ever got his luggage. Glad they got it to him in a somewhat timely fashion.

It's been REAL hiney freezing weather up here. The coldest temp I heard from co-workers was -24. We to clear up to a whopping 14 today. The warmest in 3 days. Tomorrow is supposed to be 20 -- a real heatwave.