Sunday, February 1, 2009

Sunday's progress - 4 Patch Stacked Posies

Today I headed out to Piece by Piece Quilt Shop in Ephrata, PA for their Pre-Game Extravaganza.  Open sew time, great snacks and a healthy discount off all notions! Just look at all this classroom space!  What you can't see is the 3 other sewing tables on the other side of those cutting tables in the middle - there were 9 sewing tables set up.  We certainly could have shared but didn't need to... nice space!

PBP Classroom area

On the left side of the doorway that I was taking the pictures from is the design wall.

I started this 4 Patch Stacked Posie (4PSP) project last October during a trip up to Maine.  I've made several Posie quilts and used different settings so I wanted to try something different.  (The slide show over in my side bar has pictures of other posie blocks/quilts made by me, my friends, family and students.)  At first I was going to just make big blocks... but decided to play around with EQ6 for awhile and came up with this design layout using 4 different size 4PSP blocks.  I cut and pieced Posh 4PSP 001all the 4PSP's and was able to add the yellow sashing to about 3/4's of them before running out of that fabric.  As a part of that October trip I was in MA to work at my old shop in MA - Southampton Quilts during their Annual Shop Hop weekend... so I was able to get more of the yellow fusion fabric to finish the project.  And that is where this project ended - until this week.

Posh 4PSP 004  After figuring out just what I had been thinking back in Oct. (not an easy task to be sure) I was able to finish the sashing on the remaining blocks earlier this week.  My small design wall just wasn't up to the job - I only laid out the center and stitched those blocks into diagonal rows.  I pulled out my block tags and took them with me to the shop today.


Posh 4PSP 008

Yes - now we're talking!  That's a design wall - I was only using half of it too.  Although I did suggest to the shop owner Nancy that she could raise the roof because I could use another foot here.  Her husbands suggestion later when he came by... "make smaller quilts!"  LOL  No sympathy there... LOL

It was very nice to have the space to lay the blocks out and then to step back to see if everything stayed balanced.  Some blocks are heavy and others are light... and I'm just silly enough to need to try and keep them balanced.

The blocks are now connected into rows - I need to figure out my setting triangles and get them cut tomorrow so I can finish the rows and sew them together.  I see lots of pinning in my future. 

And then I'll finish the log cabin posies I started a long time ago.  Here's an EQ version of the block with the fabrics I scanned...4psp logcabin block this will be finished this week too.  I've got 9 blocks finished and 27 to go.  I'm going to make sure this will fit on my King Size Bed... it's going to be pretty!


Anonymous said...

Your blue and yellow quilt is beautiful. I love the way the blue looks like it is floating in the yellow. This is one I will have to make....after the big move! Thanks for visiting my blog. :-)

Anonymous said...

hi sis...our little sister is here trying to teach me this trick 4psp. ...wonderfull idea and makes a great i'm off to cutting sis