Sunday, March 1, 2009

StashBusting Week 9.... Nada!

Nothing in... nothing out... hey I'm guessing I need to go on vacation more often!  LOLweek9

Judy L had suggested that there would be quilt shops where I stopped along the way as I traveled here earlier in the week.  I was surprised to see in VA and TN some quilt shops actually listed on those road side signs telling you what is at the next exit... but I was good - I didn't stop. 

But one funny thing that I forgot to tell y'all about.  I'm driving along... and see a big billboard partially covered by tall pine trees.  All I see is  

^^^lt Store.... (those ^^^ are the trees)

of course my mind thinks... Q u i l t store

as I pass the sign and can see around the pine trees however... it now reads...

A d u l t   Store...

Oh well - wrong obsession... LOL

Next week I'll be checking out some quilt shops in the DFW area... so we shall see how good next week is.


Brenda said...

Well, just think about what you could have found to make your quilts more interesting....

You did good with not buying, but don't beat yourself up if you did. The fabric that you find on holidays, will creat a memory of that trip when you use it.... if you can remember where you go it from!! Me, I probably couldn't!!!

Mary-Kay C. said...

I guess you are a true quilter when that's the only thing you thought the sign could say.