Thursday, March 5, 2009

I am a Country Bumpkin...

Yep... and it only took a trip to the Dallas area to settle it.  Although I guess I've know that all along... I was never really comfortable with trying to dress up for occasions or events over the years.  Always felt like a kid playing dress up.

I went into a yarn shop the other day and felt totally out of place... totally... in a yarn shop!  It was a 'high end' yarn and womens clothing shop.  Beautiful, wonderful, luscious yarns and nary a price to be seen.  The clothing were all lovely too... you know - the kind for those tall slender ladies, trim and neat!  Me - I'm not tall... and I've got lots of hindsight... so not the clothes I'd be wearing - especially since I turned one tag for a simple top and it was $90ish dollars.  I was just looking at yarns and yet I felt sooo out of place.  LOL

I found myself wishing I'd put on some makeup - which I don't much feel compelled to wear at home very often anymore.  And the flannel shirt I pulled on over my shirt because it was cool out - well it just didn't work as an alternative to a light jacket.  Then there were those sneaks... which probably would benefit from a roll around in the washer.  I was clean - I just wasn't spiffy enough to feel comfortable there.  And I wasn't asking what the yarn cost... because you know - if you have to ask - you probably can't afford it.

Now I have been to 2 other shops - one that same day that I felt perfectly fine in... and the yarn was priced too!  LOL

I'm Howdy... the Country Bumpkin... and I'm OK with that!  LOL


jayne said...

Hi Howdy,
I know just how you felt, been there done that! Keep in mind though, that you are the one shopping, not not the snooty work staff. I always tell my self that when I get attitude from clerks.
I bet the colors were beautiful though!

Bon said...

I hear ya loud and clear. I'm with ya all the way.

Anonymous said...

Wellllllll, you could always tell them that you dress like that so you can afford their over-priced yarn. I'm just sayin'.

I have a 90 yr old neighbor that I'm getting together with, in a day or so, to learn how to knit, the continental way. Can't wait. I've always been interested but I learn better with someone showing me.

Good luck with that diet "thang." I'm thinking seriously about jennie, as soon as I get home. I've got to do something about my hind-site and my frontal-site. There are too many nice fresh fruits down here and so many nice fresh desserts to make. Hhhhmmmmmm