Sunday, March 1, 2009

Souper Saturday... a day late...

And I'm afraid I've got nothing other than a report on the 2 soups I've eaten this week... and they aren't from the Nurtisystem meals.  There was no room to pack that stuff to bring along... heck if I had room for that I would have brought my sewing stuff instead!

Friday night The Engineer and I had dinner at a place called 'Texas de Brazil' in Addison, TX.  WoW!  Wonderful atmosphere, Great food and service... and a price tag to go along with it... Cha-Ching!!  LOL  I won't tell you how wonderful the different meats were or what a marvelous buffet they had with various salad items, etc.  What I will say (since this is a Souper Saturday post) is that the lobster bisque was yummy!  Although I would have enjoyed some lobster chunks in it... it was very tasty and delightfully spicy!  I could have eaten 2 bowls full had I not already been way, way, way over stuffed as it was. 

Saturday I enjoyed a bowl of homemade Chicken & Wild Rice Soup that my sister had made... and you know there is nothing better than a bowl of soup enjoyed around a table with family!  Well and if you throw in some cornbread... perfection!

So what soups are you enjoying as winter winds down?


jayne said...

Sounds like you are having a good time in Texas. Our soups have been a taco and a tortellini. My DD(the cook) adds chicken to the tortellini and zucchini squash. Usually whatever is on hand.
Enjoy Texas! I enjoy reading your blog!

Lisa Boyer said...

I've been loving the travel journal! Thanks so much for a fun trip--I especially like the boxer short collection you've started. Whoo hoo! You wild girl!

Anonymous said...

I went out to eat yesterday and had some tomato soup with cheese tortellini ,it was more like vegetable. We enjoyed it a lot . We went to Chester VT. to the quilt shop so I had to bring the guy to a great bakery restraunt for a reward ! He was so Happy !

I like Panara soups too,
but there is nothing like homemade !