Sunday, November 8, 2009

Souper Weekend in Color...

A couple weeks ago I used orange cauliflower to make soup... this past Friday I picked up some of the purple cauliflower at The Green Dragon Farmers Market.

I love going there for the produce - I always visit an Amish farmer that has wonderful stuff.  This week I got 3 large heads of cauliflower (2 white and 1 purple) for $3.00.  I blanched most of the white and froze it... some I cooked longer to mash and froze 2 pint containers of mashed cauliflower.

The purple I cut up and put into a pot of chicken stock... the stock turned purple!!  So we had Purple Cauliflower Chicken soup last night...

purple cauliflower soup 002

I did add light cream to it before serving... made a soft purple broth... sure was yummy!

purple cauliflower soup 005 purple cauliflower soup 006

I'd like to get some more orange and purple to freeze... I think my granddaugher Miss K will enjoy that when she comes to visit in December.  Just a few short weeks and they'll be here!

So is the soup on at your house?

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Anonymous said...

I love the Green Dragon...there's a bakery there with the best donuts!