Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Christmas Tree Napkins

I went back up to the studio later on Monday to look at my fabric choices again - then pronounced them Good Enough!

Although I don't usually wash fabric before I used it... I figured since I would be sewing these together for a 2 sided napkin it would be prudent.

I know a couple of you have mentioned that you bought patterns at a show or shop.  I only saw Free patterns when I Googled Christmas Tree Napkins - those were pretty much just half circles.  The freezer paper pattern the ladies from the church were using was a little like a crescent shape in that it was about 20 degrees more than a half circle.

The video I referenced intrigued me.  As I said before - I wasn't inclined to use full double sided circles - but the way she folded it - not quite in half... just about an inch off center gave her a little deeper half circle to work with - I liked that.

Being an FoP by nature (Finagler of Patterns)... I decided I'd work out something myself combining the ideas from what I'd learned.

I want to make an 18" napkin - so on my freezer paper pattern I drew two lines - 18" long and 1" apart.  I used a 9" setting on a compass and drew from the center of the inner line... connecting around to the outer line... just a little more than a half circle. 

I have trees...

Christmas Tree Napkins 002

soon to be a forest...

Well the forest would be done except that I ran into an odd bump in the road last night while I was edge stitching.  The red in the bobbin turned to blue... really... I started sewing in red and when I stopped and cut the thread it was blue... BLUE.  I must have put some red on a blue bobbin and when the red ran out the blue must have been in just the right place to follow along and continue sewing.  I hate the idea of having to pick that out...

Christmas Tree Napkins 017

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