Monday, November 2, 2009

Monday Design Wall - Nov 2

Well... the double design wall unit looks just like it did last week when I posted.  Nothing has changed on any of those projects this week...

My single wall unit is holding up some fabrics I'm looking at for Christmas Tree Napkins and some paper patterns I was playing with along with a larger freezer paper pattern.  I am trying real hard to not go and buy anything new - so I've been digging through my stash... I might just be happy with these combinations the more I look at them.  Maybe I should just go clip the corners and throw them in the wash and be done with it...

Design wall Monday 5 002

Yesterdays Stash post has a couple links to patterns or ideas for the napkins... so I won't repeat them today.

Geesh... it's only 8:00 am and I feel like I've been up for hours... oh - wait - I have been up for hours!  You know 4:45 AM comes around very early in the morning pretty much in the middle of the night!  The Engineer now leaves at 5:45 AM for a long drive in to work - so the least I can do is get up and make breakfast and coffee for him. 

My other option is to go and get a real job.  Naaah - I don't want a real job!  I like working 12 hours a week at the quilt shop... so I can do this Domestic Diva thing... yawn ---- big s t r e t c h.  The hard part is heading to bed at 9:30 PM but I'll get use to it in time.  Well mostly because I'll be exhausted by then I'm sure.

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Dianne B. in England said...

Thanks for sharing the cloth napkin patterns. I have always wondered how they did that! :)

Kare said...

I made those napkins - I got the pattern at a quilt shop in Vegas. They are quick and fun to make!

gailss said...

Howdy, a friend here in CT bought the pattern and has made 4 napkins. She put lace on the edges and they are so cute. We (Jayne C.) and I are headed up to Nashua show on Thursday and will miss not seeing everyone. Good to read and hear what you have been up to.
Take care, Gail (gailss)