Sunday, November 1, 2009

Stash Report - of the Fabric Variety...

I accumulated nothing this week... I may or may not be able to resist Christmas fabric next week though.  Just being honest here...

A few customers have been in to the quilt shop the past couple weeks buying fabric for Christmas Tree napkins.  They are pretty much a 1/2 circle of 2 fabrics sewn together and turned - when you fold it - it looks like a Christmas Tree. 

Here is a PDF pattern I found via Google... 4 napkins out of 2 half yard cuts of contrasting fabric.

Or here is a You Tube video - looks like she's using a 2 sided full circle... but I'm still liking the idea of using a half circle - which would be half the fabric of these.

I have a yard or so of a couple things I like in my stash - but not sure that I like them together... so we shall see.

After the post about My Other Stash I've decided to try and spend a little time each week identifying what's in the boxes and getting the boxes organized by type and marked better.  Hopefully I can locate some of the other machine heads I'd like to get out for use or display.

I did finish something this week... the PortaPocket Purse Insert is done.  It's a pattern by Studio Kat Designs.  I had made the larger one last spring but I don't carry a purse that big - this smaller one will be something I can use.  Sorry the picture is dark - the web site above has better pictures.  It was easier to make the second time around... see you can teach an old dog new tricks!

Porta Pocket 001

The idea is that you put all your stuff in this and then you can move this from purse to purse.  Which would resolve the problem I have of leaving all kinds of stuff in purses I stop using... does anyone else do that or am I just strange that way?

So nothing in and nothing out... still no spreadsheet...

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Mary-Kay said...

That was a pretty neat idea for Christmas napkins although it seems like a lot of material. I like the half circle idea better. If I ever ate a Christmas dinner at home I think I would make some. But I could make some as gifts.