Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Making Sauerkraut

Let's make some sauerkraut...

You'll need some equipment - which my neighbors Mr. & Mrs. B have.  This is a crock and a stomper...  

Sauerkraut 101 001

I think the 10 on the side of this crock means it's a 10 gallon.

 Sauerkraut 101 002

Mrs. B picked up 9 heads of cabbage... they are huge!  That's my Big knife and those are quart size jars.

Sauerkraut 101 004

Mrs. B had already cleaned off the bad leaves and then peeled off some of the outer leaves to use when we are finished... she was all business with her knife.

Sauerkraut 101 013

This is a wonderful old 3 blade mandolin to shred the cabbage.

Sauerkraut 101 011

Mrs. B and I got started but we were sure glad to see Mr. B come home.  I don't think either of us could have shredded those last 3 heads.

Sauerkraut 101 015Sauerkraut 101 019

Shred the cabbage - put it in the crock...

 Sauerkraut 101 005

Add salt and mix around the first layer

Sauerkraut 101 006 

Sauerkraut 101 007

Then you 'stomp' with the stomper... which breaks down the fiber of the cabbage - releases juice which mixes with the salt... which helps draw more liquid from the cabbage... and on it goes.... shred, fill, salt, stomp...Sauerkraut 101 008

 Sauerkraut 101 009

You can see the puddle of juice...

 Sauerkraut 101 018

When you are finished filling the crock and stomping it's time to top it off with the cabbage leaves you saved.

 Sauerkraut 101 020

Sauerkraut 101 021 

I layered the leaves around - tucking them in around the edges and pushing the cabbage down into the juice as I go.

Sauerkraut 101 022 

This is a big flat stone that they use on top - yes everything has been well sanitized (they've used these rocks for years)

Sauerkraut 101 023

And then a big heavy stone to keep the cabbage under the liquid.

Sauerkraut 101 025

Then we tied two layers of cheese cloth around the top to keep bugs out...

Sauerkraut 101 026 

This will sit for 6 weeks fermenting...

Sauerkraut 101 028

There was about a 1/4 of a head left that we didn't shred - so that came home with me.Sauerkraut 101 029

It got chopped up and cooked down with some onion and Smoked Sausage and we called it dinner!  Yum!

 Sauerkraut 101 030

In six weeks... we'll have sauerkraut!


Diane said...

I knew it took a long time to make sauerkraut but I thought that meant the prep. It doesn't look too hard to do and now you just have to wait for 6 weeks. Where did they get a crock that big? Thanks for sharing.

Pokey said...

Never made it, but I guess it's like most stuff, if you made it you'd find the store bought canned stuff a poor substitute! The 'leftover dinner looks yummy. too!:-} pokey

Judy said...

Oh my, that brought back some memories. My Great Granny used to make sauerkraut every fall...oh how I loved that stuff! I wanted to be able to shred the cabbage but she would never let me--I think I started asking when I was about 10 because I was so grown up. ;-) I never got to shred cabbage--I wonder what happened to that thing.....
Thanks for making my day.