Sunday, November 29, 2009

Stash Report... what week is this?

I know Judy L has her report listed as 49... but I'm thinking it's only 48 yet... but anyway... I guess it really doesn't matter does it as we are getting down to the wire here.

This week I can actually cross some yardage off the list - YEAH!

See these - 6 yards total out of the bins into 6 new pillowcases.  2 are for me - 2 are for my daughter in MA and 2 are for when my grandkids get here from Hawaii in just TWO Weeks!  Yahooo!  I know I have some other fabrics (christmas) I had gotten for pillowcases somewhere around here... hmmm??  would be nice to find them while I've got the serger out.  Or was that fabric I just thought about buying but didn't???  Oh geez now that's gonna drive me crazy wondering about whether I got them or not.

pillowcases 001

One of these early early mornings I should update my spread sheet... I should...

I finished up the Atkinson Designs Fire Escape pattern - if you are looking for something to make up in a hurry... this is it!  Nice for batiks - would be especially cute for novelty prints for a kids quilt.  Any fabric you don't want to cut into small pieces so that you can still see the design - this would be great!

Fire Escape 007

So nothing in this week and 6 yards out!

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