Sunday, October 18, 2009

Week 42 Stashbusting Report

This week in Judy L's Stashbusting Report she notes that there are just 10 weeks left... 10... only 10 weeks to this year.  Did someone spill coffee on a 'Master Calendar' somewhere?  We seem to be zipping along.

This week I am reporting yardage for a double duty project.  I'll use it as a sample for the quilt shop and as my selection for a 'Pick a Number' group challenge with quilty friends.  You could join the challenge too - as always the More the Merrier!  Check for a later post titled Pick a Number Please!

Stashbusting Report - I picked up a yard of green and a total of 4 yards worth of FQ's in reds, blues and greens for the project so they'll show as an in and out this week.  I also pulled from my stash another variety of FQ's and misc. pieces - that's 3 yards.  pick a number please 006

I know I've got more fabric pulled than I need - problem with applique projects is that you use a little bit of a lot of things to have the variety... but I may also make this project bigger too so it won't be wasted.  After looking through no less than 6 small scrap bins I've decided that I need to start cutting up my leftovers rather than just setting them aside. 

Interesting thing I noted as I rummaged through my FQ and Scrap bins... I have no purples outside of a few in the vintage fabric category and those are few and far between.  I'm just not a purple kinda gal - so when I am accumulating fabric for no other reason than to accumulate - purple just isn't on my radar.  In my life I can only remember buying one purple shirt... it was one of those billowy smock type maternity tops we so fashionably wore in the 70's.  I hated it when I bought it - but it was better than the bright pink ones on the rack.

Oh and speaking of color... check out this cheddar colored cauliflower I bought this week.  I was after the white... But the Amish farmer had 2 heads for $3.00 - or I could get 3 heads for $4.00 so I grabbed the cheddar colored one too.  Guess what other color he had that I passed on?  Purple... LOL

Cauliflower 002

Purple would have looked funny in this soup don't ya think?  I hadn't added the cream yet in this picture. Boy was it yummy!  I took a quart to my in-laws and put a 2 qt and 1qt container in the freezer.  I may freeze up some individual servings today after lunch... if there is any left. Cauliflower 003

So my report...

  • In this week:  5 Yards
  • Out this week: 8 Yards

Still no spreadsheet... but that's not new - I'm pretty consistent about that.

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Erin said...

That soup looks great! :)