Saturday, October 17, 2009

Pro vs Rookie Gardener...

I found my pictures from last year when I pureed pumpkin.

This is the Fairy Tale Pumpkin I purchased from the orchard last year.  If you want a tasty, meaty pumpkin for making pie... this is a variety you want to look for.fairy tale pumpkin 003 (Small) fairy tale pumpkin 007

The orchard pumpkin had much thicker walls than mine shown below... and a richer color too.  I have something to aim for next year! 

Fairy Tale Pumpkin 001

Fairy Tale Pumpkin 005

I'll need to start growing my plants earlier... and fertilize more often... and give them more room to grow... and read them stories when I tuck them in at night... LOL 

end of season garden 008

Speaking of tucking them in... I wonder if this little fella out in the garden is gonna need a blanket?  It's been unseasonably cold - but at least we haven't had snow like some places here in PA!

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