Monday, October 12, 2009

Design Wall Monday

Design wall Monday 2 001

The thing I like best about my design wall is that it's portable.  Last week I had all three sections set out and they were actually on the other side of the room about where I'm standing to take this picture.  All the stuff was removed and the individual panels were moved out of the way while I rearranged things to make room for the new ironing stand.  Right now the third panel is behind the other two. 

On my design wall this week:  top right are the few blocks I've completed from the peas in a pod quilt.  The others are sitting next to me waiting for me to get off the computer and stitch a few.  Below that is a panel that will be for another applique project... more about that another day as I'm still picking fabrics out of my stash.  Top left are some strips from a quilt I made 5 years ago for a class I was going to teach...  I found the leftover strips while digging around though one of my scrap bins.  I spent a couple minutes this afternoon and sewed them together to make two sets - not sure what else I'll do with them - they are too narrow and too long for individual placemats so maybe I'll join them together and make a long table runner. Here's a picture of the quilt - it ended up a gift to my son a few years back.  Allegro is an Atkinson Design pattern.Allegro 004

I backed the quilt with flannel and used the leaf print on it as my quilting pattern...Allegro 006

Sorry I got distracted with a trip down memory lane.

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