Monday, October 19, 2009

Design Wall Monday 10-19

I'm participating again this week in Judy L's Design Wall Monday post.  If you've come over from there... thanks for stopping by!  If you haven't been yet... go check out what other quilters are up to.

I'm really pleased to see progress this week on my design wall - it's not much but it is progress.  Progress mostly because I decided to switch gears and machine applique a project rather than hand applique.  I had planned hand applique because initially I was going to make just one block as a sample for the quilt shop... but I really like the quilt and want the whole thing AND I can use it as my "Pick a Number Please" challenge - so machine appy it is!  The Pattern is Serendipity Sampler from Kim Diehl's new Simple Comforts Book.  Who knows if I get this one done I may make another challenge entry as well.  Anyhoo here is one of my Design Wall panels that I've got set over by the ironing board - I appreciate the portability of these things.  The first block with the vines stitched in place - I'll start on the flowers and leaves today.

Design wall Monday 3 001

The other 2 Design Wall sections are still on the other side of the room - top right the same ole Peas in a Pod blocks (also from Kim Diehl's Simple Comforts book)... nothing new there just rearranged.  Below that are those leftover strips I sewed together last week - I didn't like them just strung together - so these are folded in half and pinned on the board next to each other with the light blocks running down the center.  I'll ponder that a while.  Bottom left is a second block background for the Serendipity Sampler.  Top left are 3 orphan blocks I ran across whilst rummaging through scrap bins... not sure if I want to do something with them or if they'll go in an 'Orphan Block' bin.  I'll just look at them for now.Design wall Monday 3 002 I also have this vinyl tablecloth hanging flannel side out on one end of my room.  It's just a catch all right now - nothing I'm working on just stuff I don't want to put away just yet.

Design wall Monday 3 007

So what are y'all up to this week?


jayne said...

Love following your blog, Howdy. I am interested in your swap when it is up and running. I still have the blooming 9 patch to quilt, and the black and white we did, but that is another story. I think I have to get that Simple Comforts book. Our raffle quilt is from that book with an Ellie border, and I loved working on it. It is being hand quilted now. You get so much done in a day, and your food looks wonderful.

Anonymous said...

Cheryl, did you ever finish the Santa shop sample? I'm still interested in one, if you kit them out..

Your projects all look just devine, dahling...