Sunday, October 4, 2009

Stashbusting Week 40...

I'm killing a couple fabric birds this week.

For the winter teaching cycle I've picked out an applique project out of Kim Diehl's new book "Simple Comforts".  We are expecting a new Moda Civil War line later in November that I can use in this project but in order to get started now and make sure things are really scrappy I pulled from the Civil War reproductions I have been collecting over the years.  This quilt is called Peas in a Pod... easy little curves to applique that I've been able to prep in advance and then work on while The Engineer and I watch some TV in the evenings.

Peas in a Pod 014

I've pulled about 2 yards of reproductions from my stash... which only goes to offset the 2 yards of background fabric I had to buy... LOL  Here is my start - I wanted to complete a few of each blocks with what I had on hand. The rest of the applique I'll just put one or two curves on each block so that I can add some from the new fabric when it comes in.

Peas in a Pod 004

And since I'm loving most of what's in the Simple Comforts book... I decided to use this book for my "Pick a Number Challenge". 

I'll tell you later in the week about the challenge (you could join the challenge if you like) - but for today I'll tell you that I've pulled 6 yards of fabrics out of my stash for that project.

Still no update on the spreadsheet...

This week :

  • 2 yards Purchased
  • 8 yards Used


rattie4fun said...

This is really a very pretty quilt. I love the prints you are using - and I love the 9-patch pattern with the circles. I hope you are enjoying making it as it is just lovely.


Anonymous said...

Wow, it's amazing how the focus changes in those two pictures. Not assembled, the predominant block is the appliquéd one and then, assembled, the colored block is. Very interesting pattern!

So, the background blocks have appliquéd? Well, that begs the question---Why aren't you doing curved piecing on your machine? Do you prefer appliquéing them? I guess that was more than one question, wasn't it? Oops, another one! LOL

Have fun with all your projects. You always do have interesting things comin' outta your head. I love watching you.....