Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Welcome Back Tiffany!

You have been gone too long... I've missed you!

Tiffany 003

I hope you are well rested after your storage in the attic Sabbatical.  Oh and I do apologize for not removing that layer of fluff from around your feed dogs... could I convince you that it was packing material for the move from MA?

I am so happy to have this machine back in operation.  She is a beautiful Singer model 15-30 dated 1920 with Tiffany decals.  She sews a lovely stitch and is an expert at machine quilting as well. 

Tiffany 006

I kept out the small parlor cabinet to use up in the studio - one of these days I'll spiff up the cabinet but until then it works nicely and doesn't take up a lot of room when not in use.

It took me a while but with The Engineers help I located my 'Machine Bucket' with all my tools and stuff for working on my vintage machines... I did not even have a bottle of machine oil in with my regular sewing stuff and was quite concerned that I was not going to get Miss Tiff up and running yesterday. 

Tiffany 012


I'll just keep the bucket over by my 201 cabinet... maybe I'll find out where the box is stored she's spending her Sabbatical time and convince her to come back to work also.



I'm busy re-arranging the studio because The Engineer has just about finished a stand for my ironing surface... so I'll be rearranging my stash pile as well...

stash storage 001

I'll be moving my computer stand over in this corner and I'll have to sort through these bins and see if I can unpack or consolidate stuff.

I actually have 2 boards that we made years ago but only ever covered and used one.  I'll be taking one to use at the quilt shop... the other will go on top of my new stand.  Pictures later this week....

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Dawn-Marie said...

She looks so happy to be home. I bet she will be a good girl and make lots of lovely stitches. Mine is all set and ready to roll If i only knew how to put the belt on. :-(