Sunday, October 11, 2009

Week 41... Usage and Re-Usage

Is Re-Usage even a word???

I did some reconstruction and recovered my older ironing surface with 2 yards of fresh muslin and then took it into the quilt shop to use in the classroom.  So that's my 2 yards used this week from stash!

Originally I had covered it with the Teflon Ironing board material, a layer of cotton batting, and then a muslin cover.  My mistake was stapling all of these layers in place.  It didn't take too long for the original muslin to start looking icky - but removing all those staples would be a pain.  So I borrowed an idea from my friend Neen up in Maine and used quilting pins to attach a new layer of muslin (right over the old) that could be removed when necessary and washed. 

I figured this week I'd just get that old icky original almost cardboard muslin off and replace it with a canvas type material (drill) that I stapled over the teflon and cotton batting and then pinned a new muslin layer in place.

I also had to cover the board that will go on the new stand The Engineer made...  here it is still naked on the new stand.ironing station 024

Isn't the stand pretty!  The Engineer re-used some old wood to construct it - I like it that I've got some history built into my stand as the wood is from both this house (new garage doors put in and we removed wooden supports and hung the new doors from the ceiling) and our old house in MA (wood from old stairs that were rebuilt).  To cover some holes in the wood he made some decorative inlaysironing station 013 - I appreciate the time he took to make the heart and spinning star shapes.  It's a nice sturdy stand - has locking wheels - a full shelf below and pegboards on each end.

I covered this board also with the teflon material, a layer of cotton batting and the canvas - each stapled in place.  Then I washed and pinned my old muslin top from the other board onto this board - this is my Re-Usage!

I want to put a decorative cover on - maybe a pretty toile?  I'd like to try and put ties or elastic cord along the edges so I don't have to pin it in place but that's going to take some figuring out so I'll just be happy with the old cover for now.

ironing station 017I'm all kinds of ready to iron!  Well - first I have to finish shoving things around and decide the best place for this to sit... light is my biggest problem up there.

Nothing else used... 2 yards is it... still no spreadsheet...


Anonymous said...

That is a beautiful ironing table! I would love to have one like that, but my room is too small or has too much stuff in it.

The inlays are darling - great idea.


Lori in South Dakota said...

Wow--that is one nice ironing spot!

smiledarlin said...

That looks so great! He did a wonderful job on it.
Look forward to sewing with you and using it!

Dianne B. in England said...

Wow, that is lovely! He did such a great job, and those extra special touches like the inlays are incredible. Your cover looks nice, too. Now you have an heirloom piece of furniture, as well as a wonderful place to work. :) Take care, Dianne

Anonymous said...

Cool beans, my friend! I know that you will get a lot of enjoyment out of that table. I hope to, too! LOL