Saturday, October 17, 2009

Pumpkins and Flowers...

This week I finally cut and cooked up my Fairy Tale pumpkin - a pumpkin that I grew in the garden this year.  It's not as big as the one I bought at the orchard last year - but it's big enough for my needs and there's still a couple in the garden yet.  My kitchen scale only weighs up to 5 pounds so I couldn't weigh it whole.Fairy Tale Pumpkin 001

Fairy Tale Pumpkin 003

It weighed 12 pounds cut up... Fairy Tale Pumpkin 005

Fairy Tale Pumpkin 006

I steamed it in two batches and then pureed it.

Fairy Tale Pumpkin 007

I am low on my pint containers since I threw out a bunch when my freezer wasn't a freezer this past summer.  I froze 14 cups all total - I have 5 containers with 2 cups each and 4 with 1 cup each.

Fairy Tale Pumpkin 008

What I'll do sometime soon is pop the frozen puree out of the containers and seal them up with my FoodSaver so I don't have to be concerned with freezer burn.  And I can use my containers for other stuff - like the cauliflower and broccoli I picked up at the Farmers Market yesterday. 

I've been arranging flowers a little bit every evening this week too... appy flowers

At this point they are just pinned on the design wall - after I get all the pieces prepped I'll match them up and decided their location and start stitching.  I've still got leaves and berries to prep along with the bottoms of these flowers.

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