Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Daily Rambling...

The Engineer kicked on the heat this morning and I am some kinda glad because I was cold ALL day yesterday - the sun never poked it's head out and this place never quite warmed up.  Being cold just makes me cranky.  Yahoooo... I'm warm again!

When it warms up a bit I'll head outside and get a few things done in the garden - seems the weeds I've been ignoring haven't gone away.  Then I'll fetch the fairy tale pumpkin off the porch so that it can be cooked, pureed, and frozen.  There are still 2 growing out in the garden... so we'll see what happens with them as it gets colder.

I visited a few quilt/fabric shops Monday that I hadn't had an opportunity to check out before.  One of them I'll never go back to.  I was greeted when I came in - which is always nice - but then she went about her business talking out loud about how much she had to do and how behind she was.  I guess it was her way of explaining the clutter.  She was also talking over the noise of the TV which you could hear everywhere in the store... a 'daytime talk show' was on and the 'guests' were ranting on about the man who had fathered both their babies but wasn't supporting them.  I'm sorry but if customers come in - turn it down or turn it off... since she did neither - I left.

My new ironing station ended up in the same location I had been using the ironing surface... I just needed to relocate all those bins of fabric that were supporting it.

stash storage 001Before:






ironing station 027











A big PHOOEY this week too... I had hoped to go up to MA to work the Shop Hop that Southampton Quilts participates in - but I can't go... and I'm really unhappy about it.  I was sooo looking forward to seeing everyone at the shop - oh and my kids that live up there too!  LOL

BAHHH HUMBUG, RATS, PHOOEY.... and all that...

Guess I best get this bad mood up and busy...


Anonymous said...

Well, that answers the question I asked in my latest email to you! LOL

I just don't know what happened. Hope everything's alright....


Susan Freebery said...

LOVE love love your sewing area! I am positively green with jealousy!