Monday, October 5, 2009

The Key to Having a Good Day...

Sunday was a beautiful Fall day here in Lancaster County Pennsylvania.

The Engineer and I went up the road to a little Diner that we enjoy for a breakfast of Grilled Sticky Buns and crispy bacon.  Oooo so totally not good for you yummy!

Since it was still early (9:00 am) we went over to Renninger's Antique Market in Adamstown to browse through their outdoor area.  We've found that if you go later in the morning or heaven forbid at lunch time... there are hardly any vendors left and those that are there are busy packing up.

Having arrived early we had the pleasure of browsing through a fairly full compliment of vendors.  I saw 2 Featherweights that were each in fairly nice condition - $375 and $275 as well as 2 of the folding tables for the Featherweights - $75. 

There was also a strange abundance of chicken items.  Yes - chicken related items.  There were the usual assortment of iron chicken door stops, and pictures of chickens, and dishes with chickens on them.  But there was also a large welded chicken statue... like 6 feet tall kinda large... I kid you not!  But I laughed out loud when I saw the 8 foot round rug with chickens on it.  Where would you put something like that?

I'm going to have to start taking my camera when we go there.

As I wandered around I found a lovely avocado green enamel pan for $3.00.  I like finding things I can use!  And the color goes nicely with the avocado green mixing bowls I still have from the mid-70's. Green Pan 002

As we headed back to the car I was thinking that we'd had a Good Morning... breakfast out, a couple hours poking around antiques on a beautiful fall morning and a cool little green pan for my kitchen...

Then I reached into my purse for my keys...

...they weren't there.

They weren't in my jeans pockets, or the pockets of my vest...

They were gone... I had lost my keys!

I've never done that before - it's not a good feeling.  After retracing our steps up and down each lane of vendors - I stood over by the car while The Engineer went to check at the office. 

Fortunately they had been found and turned in!

I had learned that the Key to having a Good Day is to not loose your keys! 

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Anonymous said...

so did you get the featherweights and I'll be over for grilled sticky buns soon and quilting...yes, quilting...but those grilled sticky buns with bacon just sound heavenly.