Monday, June 29, 2009

Bunny Tales...

It's been a busy week.

Last Tuesday after I published my last post telling you about the 4 baby bunnies in my yard I went out to work in my vegetable garden.

This is what I found...bunnies 013

That wilted zucchini plant is suppose to be closer to the stake in the foreground... and up right and healthy too.  It's hard to tell from this picture but the grass is the lining for the nest a different rabbit was building... she plucked out the plant - dug out an area about 4 inches deep and about 10 inches long.  I watched her go back and forth several times... then I told her that her application for lease of this garden apartment had been denied...

bunnies 014

She ran off to the pine tree in the corner of the property... I hope she found a more suitable location... not in my yard - before she had her babies.

The rest of the day was spent building a fence around the bunnies 018garden... which was not good for me because it required a lot of bending over - which only aggravated the pains I already had from falling on the iron gate last week.

My 4 little baby bunnies were safe and secure in their dog crate... I'd leave the door open each evening and lock it up again in the morning to protect them from the dogs.  Momma bunny was taking very good care of them because they were growing quickly and getting fat.

bunnies 6-25 030Thursday night they were out of the nest and OUT of the crate... I slipped them back in and they were all safe and secure in the nest Friday morning.  During the day they stayed put but were out and about again in the evening... one of them flew the coop left the yard Friday evening just before bed check - after looking with flashlights we decided he was long gone.

bunnies 6-27 038

Saturday morning it was clear that we could no longer safely contain them in the crate in the fenced yard - so we hauled bunnies 6-27 039them and the crate to the back yard beyond the garden.  This is the last picture of the 3 of them... just as we turned to walk back to the house the first little bunny took off like a shot and headed over to the pine tree in the corner of the yard.  The second little bunny left about a half hour later...  and the third little bunny was the littlest little bunny and he cried... ummmm no... but he was a little unsure of what to do.  He left the crate but was just resting out in the yard.  So I scooped him up and took him over by the pine tree and let him go there.  I hated the idea of a hawk finding him sleeping out in the yard.

I hope they were ready for the big wide world - or at least found Momma if they weren't.


Bon said...

They sure grew fast.

Dawn-Marie said...

Howdy we just donated all of our childrens books to go over seas. If not this book would be on its way to you right now.

Anonymous said...

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KyTriplets said...