Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Altitude... and other thoughts

Did you know that altitude effects the weight of an object?

I learned this practical lesson the other day while pounding 7 ft. gardening stakes in the garden with a 3 pound sledge hammer.  I had placed a sheet of plywood over the gardenbox and put a step stool on it to get me closer to my work but...

I know that hammer weighed waaaay more than 3 pounds as I lifted it over my head to pound in the stakes...  by the time I finished it must have weighed 200 pounds - I can't believe I'm that strong!  LOL

Another lesson learned this week... if you forget to wear sun screen - you will get a sunburn if you stay out from 8:30 am to 2:00 pm.  It doesn't matter if you've already gotten a nice base tan - that sun is brutal.  Long gone are the days of my youth where I could lay all day in the sun slathering on baby oil - my Italian and Choctaw heritage have always done me well in the sun - but this sun is different and so am I... I'm too old to not wear sunscreen.  Funny thing - in addition to my farmers tan (I do need to find my sleeveless shirts) I noticed that I have a glove line... who ever thought that would be an issue?  LOL

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Anonymous said...

better a glove line than a thong line. Whoa, dawgies......

BT-DT, on those garden stakes. (for tomatoes) I KNOW John Henry was stronger than the song says!!!!