Sunday, June 7, 2009

Stash Report #23... A New Category...

In my last report I confessed that there were a couple fabrics on the sale table at the shop that had been calling to me... I didn't buy them at the time but honestly figured I'd get a couple yards of each when I went back to work this week. 

But someone came in early in the day Wednesday and bought a sizeable amount of both of them... nearly finished both bolts.

One had a bit more than a yard and the other was a bit less - so I pulled them off the bolt - marked the yardage and set them on the counter... figuring I'd buy them later.

Well.... it was a busy day at the shop... and since they looked like remnants someone came in, picked them up and bought them... both!

So I'm going to start a new category:

The fabric I DIDN'T Buy this week: 4 yards...

What I did come home with was 2 yards of a (sale) red/green/tan plaid that will be a nice plaid to have and a great one to use for bindings in the colors I like to use.

Only sewing I've done is at work for shop samples... and because we've been busy - even that has been slow!


I hope to share some pictures of the 4 Patch Stacked Posies that my students have been making this spring... maybe later this week I'll have a chance to go through my pictures and get them posted. 


Greenmare said...

so fabric you didn't buy is sort of like the chocolate I didn't eat?
too bad neither one actually counts toward anything! say, fabric you didn't buy, puts money in your wallet, and chocolagte I didn't eat, takes calories out of my tummy?
in a perfect world!

Kare said...

Love the new category you created and I am looking forwards to looking at your students' stacked 4-patch posies!