Sunday, June 7, 2009

A Sad Little Tale...

Little did they know when they fell asleep that their home would collapse in the middle of the night.

Their home was old and rotten - a concept they little understood.  It was a single small space that provided a safe haven for the night - that was all they needed.

The rains from the past week strained the already rotten wood and without notice on a clear night their safe haven fell out from under them and landed with a thud on the pavement below...  all residents were killed on impact... 4 full grown birds.

The Engineer and I heard the thud outside... and after checking the yard along the side of the house with a flashlight we finally saw the tree limb laying in the school driveway next door.  It was late - so we left the chore of dragging the limb aside for the morning.

We found the birds early Saturday when we went to clean up the driveway.  There they were - all together in what remained of their nest in the hollow of the tree limb.  No indication at all that they even awoke... they were just laying peacefully - wings folded to their sides - their home a broken shell.

Poor birds...

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Greenmare said...

oh that is so sad. just so sad.