Friday, March 1, 2013

What’s On The Needles March1

Well if I had taken this picture last night before I dropped a stitch… you would see 3 pattern rounds completed rather than this…

Kudo Multi 3 

It’s a cotton linen blend - it does NOT stretch at all – so trying to pick up the stitch didn’t work (I tried)… it also didn’t help that the pattern includes a lot of YO and dropping said YO’s… so I just ripped it out… cast on and started again.

I will be more careful now.

I did finish this Storm Cloud Shawlette – Available via Ravelry – it was a very quick knit using a very pretty kid mohair with a bit of glitz in it.

Storm Cloud 3

Storm Cloud 2

It’s suppose to have a bit of a ruffle at the bottom edge – top picture is after blocking – bottom pic before blocking) but I think my decision to block that last little bit was a mistake… maybe I’ll dampen and scrunch up that edge and see what happens.  Anyway – it’s cute and quick and I think my daughter will enjoy it.  I only used about 40 g of the 100 g ball – so if she thinks it’s too small I could make another adding an additional section and she could give this one to my granddaughter… hmmm might do that anyway and then they could both have something cute and fancy when they dress up and go out.

Socks are only to the point of having finished the foot part… I’ll get back to them later this weekend.

Be sure to hop over to Judy’s Patchwork Times.  Check out what others are knitting this week.

Quilting?  Ha!  Now I have to clean up the yarn mess up there before I consider sewing… I don’t think those 2 bad habits hobbies can live in the same room.  I have a cute little dresser in the spare room that might make a good storage cabinet for yarn and needles – I do need to rearrange in there also.  I just stripped the bed and closed the door after my daughter and grandkids left… that baby bed makes me sad!

OK enough of that or I’ll get nothing done today… sniff…


straythreads said...

the colors are beautiful as is the shawl.

Stella Nemeth said...

Ahhh. But the baby will be back, or you wouldn't have a bed in there.

Meanwhile there is knitting and quilting to get to.