Monday, February 25, 2013

Two Years…. and Counting

It has been two years (Feb. 7th) since I busted my knee… hard to believe it’s been that long and yet… where did the time go?

The biggest lesson in all of this rehab is that it’s a continual process – I need to challenge and work my knee every day.  Too much sitting around and it feels sluggish and stiff… but then so does the rest of me.

I am still working with a Dr. using the Active Release Technique – A process that I know has given me back almost full use of my knee.  It’s a very hands on method of working the various tendons and muscles of my knee and leg.  I know that the work he did on my knee earlier this past summer made a drastic improvement – I was able to play Ring Around the Rosie with my grandkids… something I would not have been able to do before because I did not do that side to side movement very well.  I now can easily get down on my knees and in Yoga can actually do the Childs Pose without sticking that leg out behind me… which really looked kinda silly. 

Now when I get back to going to the gym on a regular basis (soon, very soon!) I know I’ll complete the process of strengthening my leg… when you limp you don’t use your muscles right and then they don’t work the way they should.  The quad in that leg was significantly weaker but now that my limp is pretty much gone – I’m getting stronger in that leg.

I am gradually getting out from under this fog of apathy – now all I need to do is get this cold behind me as well.  I am less congested since I picked up SinuFix from a local natural foods store this weekend.  I had planned to stop by a drug store to pick up something but decided to stop and check out what natural remedies were available.  I’m happy with this stuff as it worked quickly to reduce the swelling I was having problems with.  I’m sure the 3 hour nap I took on Sunday helped as well… I still can’t believe I slept that long in the middle of the day.  But it sure felt good!

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Greenmare said...

you poor dear, such a long road you have limped! I can now feel your pain a little. 3 weeks ago in an icy parking lot, I did a gymnastics move best left to 4 year olds, and tore my right hamstring along with possibly a couple of the other muscles. PT is helping a lot! I'm just not too patient with things like this, and I want to be all better NOW! ;-) of course I want to be DONE WITH WINTER as well.