Friday, February 1, 2013

Fly Away…

That’s what I’d like to do… fly away… someplace warm and sunny!

In lieu of being able to do that (darn it anyway) I’m working on a Free Ravelry downloadable pattern called “Wingspan”.

wingspan 1

I have one wing done and the second started.  I have no problem saying that I considered ripping it out trying to figure out the transition to the second wing… I just didn’t have a clue what I was doing… but hey - why let that get in the way huh?

OK – so I typed the above I think on Wednesday night… and since then I’ve gotten a couple more wings done… which includes knitting in reverse 2 rows because I forgot to increase when I started the third wing.  I’m way too afraid to just pull stitches out (especially with sock yarn) and expect to pick them up again – so I’ve learned to knit in reverse… kinda like backing down your driveway… just go slow!

wingspan 2

Last weekend I finished knitting some felt coasters… and a little bag.  It’s very interesting – almost magic – the way untreated wool responds to hot water and agitation… I did these by hand in the sink as the first item (a different tote that I’ll tell you about another time) didn’t work out so well in the washer – my fault but lets not go there today.

Anyway – the coasters – also a Free Ravelry download pattern (search felt coasters) I did up in a Lion Brand yarn from AC Moore.  A picture of my first felted coaster and one that has been knit but not washed.

felting coasters (2)

The washing process – I switched from using that juice mixer plunger lid as the heat from the boiling water I was using made the end come off – I ended up using a potato masher and then used my gloved hands to work each coaster – squashing and rolling and mushing – like making meatballs.

felting coasters (6)

Here they are all pinned down to dry… and yes that is money drying over to the side.  I had done a load of jeans and apparently washed some of my own money… How do I know it’s mine?  Well – if it had been my husbands money it would consist of something more than ones (unfortunately he almost always uses his wallet)… if it’s ones - it must be outta my pockets.

felting coasters (11)

Here is the little tote purse – a Pattern from Plymouth Yarn #F184 –  also available via Ravelry.  In the first picture I stuck some DPN’s in along the sides so it would lay flat to get a picture before I folded and sewed up the sides.


Felted but needs to be blocked and dried – tiny for sure.  Body is only about 6.5 x 4.5 inches not counting the handle section.


To see what other knitters (actually I think we are all quilters who knit) are up to – hope over to Judy’s Patchwork Times for What’s On Your Needles today.


Maggie said...

Love your wingspan. I made one too and enjoyed watching the color changes in my yarn as I went along.

Those felted coasters are wonderful- felting almost feels like magic sometimes. (I also still get thrilled when the heel turn works on a pair of socks.)

straythreads said...

very cool projects

Lori said...

I like tea sometimes--but prefer coffee. Old fashioned perked on the store type--not too strong.

But tea---Hmm, Earl Grey, Lady Grey, English Breakfast. Black teas, green teas. Some with cream and sugar and some just plain. Preferably in a wide flat china cup. But ALL with caffeine!

Didn't know you liked to knit--love how the winged shawl is looking! And money--would have to be anyone's but mine. I've had a whole dollar in my billfold for a month. ROFL!! Anything in our wash is fair game--laundry fairy takes all!