Monday, February 18, 2013

Good Sunny Morning…

Not sure how long the !Sunshine! will last today but I’m loving it – I’ve seen so little of it that the word deserves exclamation points at both ends.

I have mentioned recently that I’ve had a tough time this winter.  I don’t usually like winter anyway – I actively work against this seasonal lack of sunshine – but this winter has been much harder than it should be. 

I have finally figured it out… it’s a new medication I started a couple months ago.  I re-read the information sheet and then went online and read a more complete list of side effects… and then I quit taking it.

Now don’t go getting all concerned… it’s a PPI – proton pump inhibitor – to cut down on stomach acid… so I’m not really obligated to take it. 

Day by day I’m feeling better… so I’m sure I made a good decision.  I’ll make an appointment with my Dr. to discuss a more natural approach to handling this issue which is how I’d rather handle it anyway.

We had a good Valentines weekend here – dinner and a movie Thursday, dinner out Friday, a fun day exploring some new shops in a local community and lunch out Saturday, and Sunday was a day of knitting for me and a day in the wood shop for The Engineer.

Have y’all ever been in one of those Olive Oil & Balsamic Vinegar tasting stores?  My goodness…. YUM!  It’s a good thing there were lots of other shoppers… I really would have liked to have licked the little tasting cups clean!

We have used the regular Balsamic vinegar and plain Olive Oil – but a whole new world of taste has been opened up.

Honey Ginger, Pecan Praline, Fig, Serrano Chile Honey, Bordeaux Cherry, and Coconut in White Balsamic are the six 2 oz. bottles we brought home to try out.  We picked out balsamic vinegars this trip – next time we’ll grab some of the oils to try.  Seriously – I could have just come home with a little bit of everything.  Olio Olive Oils & Balsamic has a lovely shop in Lititz, PA (recently voted the Coolest Small Town) with a wide variety of product and FYI they ship too. 

I can’t wait to go back… when I do I’m going to ask for a straw.


gailss said...

Hey Cheryl....I know what you mean by those tastes. Spoils us for the regular stuff.Glad you are doing better....

KASEYSMOM65 said...

So glad the sun is shining more often in your little corner of the world my's been brighter here too. ;-)