Wednesday, March 20, 2013


Ha, ha, ha, ha, haaaa, ha, ha…

Yeah… today is 20 degrees colder than yesterday and according to the weather folks all week the rest of the month will be below normal.

At least the sun is shining again today after being out most of the day yesterday too… nice to get that coating of snow melted off.

I finished off this little punch needle project last evening while watching TV.



It’s a pattern from Threads That Bind that I picked up last week at the Lancaster Quilt Show.  After checking out the web site I can honestly say I’ll be buying more of their patterns… they are soooo cute.

I had purchased the small canning jar – but I see that they have a larger one on their web site… so I may have to get that one as well.  I think they’d be sweet in my kitchen!


I also finished off the first of the felted clogs… I know - you look at this and figure there is no way that will ever fit.

felt clogs 2


It measures to 16”… looks like a slipper for a giant!




I have an appointment for my knee today and then I am desperate for some fruits and veggies… the refrigerator is empty… seriously… empty!  Actually I should pull all the drawers and shelves and wash them – it’s that empty.  As much as I hate shopping I like going to the place I buy organic fruits and veggies.  They have a stand at the Green Dragon farmers market on Friday but I’d rather go to the store they opened last year across town.

I’m out to enjoy some sunshine!

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Kim said...

Cute punch needle!

I made a pair of those slippers for hubby. He wore them for four years before he started to wear a hole in one. I added the suede soles and they lasted about 5 more years. He loved them!!!