Tuesday, March 26, 2013

You’d Think…

You’d think that in this great age of technology it would be easy to find a contractor to do something.

In the past… pre-internet… I would go through the phone book – the yellow pages of said phone book – evaluate the ads and call several businesses to get estimates.

My problem is that there is no ‘single phone book’ anymore… in my cabinet I have one put out by Verizon for Lancaster County that also has a supplement book… there is another put out by Yellowbook for several of my local communities… yet another put out phone booksby one of the small baby bell phone companies… and a Lancaster County Business Directory made available each year from one of our local stores.  The stack in the top right corner are duplicates – all dated for 2013 (these will land in the recycle bin).


The real kicker is… they all have different businesses listed.  So you still have to look through them all.

I know you are thinking… just search the internet already!  That is all well and good… there are some businesses that come up in a search but most of these businesses don’t have web sites.  So all I’m getting is more phone numbers. 

And then when you do call people and leave messages… you never hear back from them?  What’s up with that?

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