Monday, March 18, 2013

Lancaster Show 2013

You may remember I had mentioned that the AQS web site did not (still doesn’t) have future dates for a show in Lancaster.

AQS membershipWell - there were signs at this weekends show with the dates for next year and the buzz around the vendors was that a 3 year contract had been signed.  So… this is very good news!  Enough for me to renew my membership in AQS (sweet little applique scissors as a renewal bonus) and buy my discounted multi-day pass.

I may even have found my quilting MoJo… I certainly tried hard enough by spending money!



Accuquilt Dies

I picked up a few new dies for the Accuquilt Go I purchased last year.  I used it for one project and began planning others but needed different dies to accomplish some of what I wanted to do.  Problem solved this year… I think…



2 inchThen there were these sweet little boxes of 2” Civil War Repro squares!

I liked that I got a variety without having to buy a bunch of fabric… I know I probably could have just cut some out of what I already own… but what’s the fun in that?


Pin Stand


They will be perfect for this 3 part stand and pattern to make mini quilts to put my show pins on.








Last year I wanted to buy this pattern but it was out of stock.

This year I got it – the orange print is a Rayon Batik and the dark blue is a cotton batik.  I’d like to have them made to wear this summer.

Simple easy construction so I don’t think I can mess it up too much…



Brilliant Bindings


This Brilliant Bindings Tool is used to make these (and several other) patterns… as well as being a binding tool.  I especially liked the Toolin’ Around Pattern.   I’ll let ya know what I think about the tool and process once I get the project underway – the vendor was very pleasant and that’s always a plus!



Large Hex

I was VERY EXCITED to find this Hex and More Ruler!!  I have these 5” unfinished 9 patches from a swap at Southampton Quilts eons ago… I want to make a Jacks Chain quilt… but never could find a ruler to cut the pieces I needed and never got around to ordering a custom made one.  I think this one will do the trick… at last I can actually start planning this project.




A few patterns I thought were interesting…





Misc patterns


Another pattern and a kit for some sweet wool mitten ornaments.




punch needle 1


And then…

there were these…

Punch Needle Embroidery kits…



punch needle 2


And another kit…

a mini needle…




punch needle 3


And of course more supplies…





punch needle 4


And what’s wrong with another kit and pattern?




There was a couple of fusible applique kits on sale I thought the grandkids might like… a few fat quarters, a scrap pack of fabric, and only one other hunk of fabric I got just because I liked it (and it was on sale).

Of course I forgot to take a picture of the yards and yards of “sand” I bought…

I went into one local store and found a sand fabric for my youngest grandsons quilt (another ocean/beach theme – he’ll be two this year so I think I need to get going on it).  And then when we went back over to the show I found an even better sand fabric print.  When I showed my husband I was a little bit hesitant to explain I had gotten 2 sand fabrics.  But when I told him I liked the second one better and got it too – he agreed it was a better ‘sand’ print.

I love it when he agrees!  I’ll remind him of this when he sees the credit card bill.

The best part of this show however is getting to see a bunch of quilty friends!  PA, NJ, CT, VA, NY, MI and KY were all represented this year!  We have a friend that comes in to work the APQS booth each year – Angela is an APQS dealer and a very talented Longarm quilter!  She has a link to a local news video she was interviewed in for the Lancaster Show – you should check it out – she’s very good.  Two of our virtual quilting friends had quilts hanging in the show this year… so it was wonderful to see them here for the experience – and their quilts were lovely.  I did not carry a camera with me so you’ll have to take my word for it.

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