Saturday, March 30, 2013

Hang Ups…

Well yes we all have those… but…

What I mean is Hung Up… Finally!

My husband made a quilt rack for me last year… but I didn’t have it hung where I wanted it because I was afraid the little one would pull on the quilts and well… I was willing to be patient.

Quilt Rack 1Quilt Rack 2

It’s hung on the wall a few inches out from the corner which allows the arms to extend against both walls… really dresses up that corner of the living room.  I might just have to have one for the bedrooms… but then I’d have to turn some of those ‘tops’ into quilts!

The other thing we got hung up was a mirror for the foyer that we bought last fall.


And yes that is a winter wool mittens picture hanging on the opposite wall… I guess since it’s actually starting to feel like spring I should put it away… LOL

Here is the other little (2.5” x 4.5”) punch needle project I finished recently.  It will be cute hanging in my kitchen… it is from Threads That Bind.  I will certainly order the larger (3” x 5.75”) one they have that has a “Ball” jar and some tomatoes.


Hope everyone has a Happy Hoppy Easter!

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KASEYSMOM65 said...

I'm loving that quilt rack...the Engineer is indeed handy isn't he? And I think I recognize Friendship Crossing...perhaps I'll dig mine out and finish it....perhaps.
Hoppy Easter to you too my friend...see you soon!