Wednesday, April 3, 2013


All I can say is “It’s About time!”

I finished this Stormcloud Shawl last night – it’s actually the second one that I’ve made.  I told you about the first back the beginning of March.  I still need to weave in the ends and block it.  The first shawl used only 40 Stormcloud 2 Shawlgrams (of 100 grams) and I used up the rest with this one – so it’s a bit longer.  I’ll send it along to my daughter in SC so that they will have Mother – Daughter shawls to wear out.  This picture shows it folded in half.  It’s so light and airy.   As far as knitting I’m working on the second felted clog… when I have them both done I’ll do some pictures on the felting process.  Otherwise I still have those blue socks… they got set aside when I started the heel and I have not gotten back to them.  I do have a new shawl I’ll start soon… pictures to come on that project.

I have errands to run today… knee appointment, visit the tea shop Teavana at the Mall, run down to the yarn shop out that way (my reward for going into the mall), I should stop at the Natural Foods Store on my way home but we’ll see…

I do have plans this weekend to go see Jurassic Park in IMAX 3D.  I don’t know about you but I loved that movie!  Actually I LOVED the Michael Crichton book and had certainly read it 5 times by the time the movie came out in 1993.  I think had I had the opportunity to get a degree I could have easily ended up as a Paleontologist… I’ve always loved dinosaurs and earth sciences.  As is common in Hollywood – the book and the movie are two different things… but I understand the reasoning in making it as they did.  Special Effects entered a new era at that time - I know I sat in that theater with tears in my eyes the first time I saw those dinosaurs come running across the screen – what movie magic that was!

Nowadays we regularly enjoy all sorts of mind boggling things via movie magic… Zombies anyone?  LOL  I recently read that the AMC show “The Walking Dead” is the favorite ‘scripted’ show for adults between the ages 18 – 49… Hmmm I’m about 10 years out of that demographic… but I love that show.  Oh yes - I cringe at some (most) of the graphic graphic effects – but I’m loving the story line and characters.  Now that Season 3 has ended… I can’t wait for October!  Silly huh?

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Anonymous said...

Well, hot darn, Cheryl!!! As well as I thought I knew you, you surprise me with this. LOL Enjoy! I just saw the preview of JP3-D, this morning and it scared the bejeebers outta me!! The last movie I went to see was "Les Mis" and there was enough heart-racing violence in that for me, and they only used muskets!! LOL

Good job on your knitting! I was going to start a sweater but I went and got a mid-arm quilter instead, so that's a back burner thing.... waaaaaay back burner...

take care,