Tuesday, April 9, 2013


78 to 80 is the temperature forecast for today!

Today I’m going to go out and rake out the raised beds to stir things up a bit and tack down the weed cloth that the wind has played havoc with.  I also need to try and get rid of some wild onions (garlic/chives?) that have scattered themselves around the front garden areas… I’m going to loosen things up with a pitch fork and then hopefully the bulbs will pull out.

I bought a couple 4 packs of butter crunch lettuce so I’ll stick them in the front herb garden.

A couple years ago I put some vinca vine in a front bed… but it’s gotten out of control so I need to try and pull that out… I hope to get rid of it without using a weed killer… wish me luck!

I saw these little guys out front…


and I love this little ‘odd man’ hanging out on the opposite side!


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Lori said...

I am SO jealous!! You have flowers. I have a snowbank.