Thursday, April 25, 2013


Refresh…  You know… you want to refresh your browser page you hit the F5 key.

That’s what I’ve been – Refreshed!

Back in October I had set a date to teach a couple Four Patch Stacked Posie classes at Southampton Quilts… my old Home Sweet Quilting Home!  Last week was that week.  I left here on Tuesday, had classes on Wed., Thur., Sat., and Sunday…. then had a little bit of a girls day on Monday and headed back home on Tuesday.

Friday was suppose to be a day out with my daughter… but I had heard it was suppose to rain off and on thru the day so after breakfast out and some errands we sat at her place and I taught her to knit while we watched the day long news coverage of the manhunt going on in Watertown.

You know it’s still hard to wrap my head around what has happened out there.  Hopefully the story will unravel and we can come to understand the why and how… but in the end – I think the simple answer will be that this is what happens when people hold on to hate and resentment and want retribution.  And what they do – hurting innocent people – only feeds the cycle of hate and misunderstanding.  This hate is not limited to any one ethnic group, religion, or country… history is a testament to that.

Anyway – I am refreshed and energized mentally.  I liked that I was able to visit with some quilty friends (yes – teaching too) while hanging out at the quilt shop and I was able to spend some much needed time with my kids!  I’m going to try and work this into my agenda a little more often.

As I said I taught a couple Four Patch Stacked Posie Classes… here is just a sample of some of the lovely quilts in the works… not sure how but I didn’t get a picture of everyone’s work.  Trust me when I say they were all stunning!

This tumbling block layout has beautiful soft grey blue fabrics…

4-13 blue tumbling (1)

Bright colorful blocks with a simple sashing and cornerstone setting

4-13 Bright w-cornerstones (1)

A lovely poppy fabric in a tumbling block setting.

4-13 Gail tumbling (1)

I wish I had gotten a picture of the other lovely fabrics for this log cabin layout.  I love the strips!

4-13 Iris log cabin (1)

A beautiful soft log cabin setting for this beautiful pink and green fabric.

4-13 Judy Log Cabin (2)

Very pretty oriental print again in the log cabin setting.

4-13 oriental log cabin (7)

A pretty red/green paisley & floral in a log cabin setting.

4-13 Paisley log cabin (2)

Lovely rich print for the blocks softened with the pink & cream for the tumbling blocks!

4-13 paisley tumbling (1)

These were the blocks I made from the same fabric for the posies.


These blocks were from a large Dahlia print – so pretty with the blue and purple logs.

4-13 peony log cabin (3)

I love teaching this class – everyone does a wonderful job and with offering the optional layouts the quilts are all different and fun!



I had picked up this CNT “A Little Somethin’ Jacket” back at the Lancaster Quilt Show along with a pretty rayon batik.  I took everything up with me and the “Master Clothing Artist Louise” made my jacket… she got it done so quickly I smartly purchased some other fabric and left it with her too.  This will get lots of use this summer with a crisp pair of capris and a tank top!


I made a trip up to Webs in Northampton, MA with Nancy and Maureen… that yarn shop has more yarn than you can shake a stick at!  After I got the nickel tour from a helpful salesperson – I headed right back to where he pointed to the ‘room’ of sale yarn.  And room was right – every bit as big I think as the store front which was huge and already had everything a knitter could want.  The sale area had rows and rows of yarn marked down.  The good news was that I only had 2 patterns printed off with me… so I got the yarn I needed for those two projects.  The bad news was that I ONLY had 2 patterns printed off with me… I could have spent all day shopping!  I picked up a couple other things for projects… but I’m being good and only buying things for specific projects now… otherwise I’ll end up with more yarn than I know what to do with.

While I was going through quilt pictures the other day I found this one of my first grand child Miss K with the Baby Honu quilt I made for her.  Oh those cheeks and that strawberry blonde hair!!!

Keao Honu quilt (1)

Here she is at a recent surf competition in South Carolina!  Sweet!

Keao surf 4-13

And because I just can’t leave them out… here are the two boys.  The older one had some minor surgery and has band-aids by his ears.  The little one wanted him some band-aids too… and cried until he got them!

Kai surgery after

Keanu bandaids

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