Friday, April 26, 2013

What’s On The Needles 4-26…

Let’s see…. I’ve got lots of stuff on the needles… but not everything is being worked on.  Let’s have a parade!

These socks have seen no work in the past several weeks… I’m at the point of working on the heel… and I haven’t felt like concentrating long enough to work on them.

2 Up Socks 4

I only knitted a few rows on the Multnomah Shawl while I was visiting in MA last week… so it pretty much still looks like this.

multnomah 3

I did start and finish a really pretty Feather and Fan Scarf using yarn that looks like this…Louisa Harding Grace Hand Beaded yarn… so pretty with a lovely sheen and with the beads it has a nice weight to it.  I forgot all about getting a picture of the scarf so I’ll have to get my daughter to take a picture and send to me.

I did however start a new project.  This is another pattern via Ravelry.  It’s a “Just Maryse” pattern called Gathered Scarf.  The yarn is Plymouth Yarn’s Baby Alpaca DK in a pretty blue - that I picked up at Webs in Northampton last week… in the Sale ROOM!

Gathered Scarf 1

This will be quick I think – just knits and purls, knitting 2 together to decrease, and knitting front and back to increase and swapping between 2 needle sizes.

Check out what others are knitting this week over at Judy’s Patchwork Times Blog.

Oh before I go…

Please take a minute to watch this video.  It was made by wounded EOD (Explosive Ordinance Disposal) Warriors to support the victims of the Boston Marathon Bombing.  Please share with others if you have a means.  I am so impressed with these young men who stood and served in the Military – voluntarily walking towards bombs and IED’s in order to protect others...  now reaching out to the innocent civilians recovering from the same kinds of injuries they have suffered.

We Stand With You


Paula, the quilter said...

Lots o projects! *smile* Love that blue yarn. It talks to me.

Judy S. said...

What nice projects you're busy with! I too love that LH beaded yarn and somewhere have a half finished gathered scarf. Thanks for the reminder!