Saturday, April 27, 2013


I found this recipe for Muffins for 2 from the Minimalist Baker.  I will need to spend more time checking out her blog as she’s got interesting ideas there… like these Boozy Pecan Pie Bars… which I’m thinking could be made using coconut rum instead of bourbon… I have a 4 year old bottle in the china cabinet – that stuff doesn’t go bad does it?  I could be easily talked into getting a bottle of Kahlua – that would work right?

Back to the muffins… being lazy someone who needs to change things up - I decided to pre-mix the dry ingredients and store it in small mason jars so that all I needed to do was mix and add the wet ingredients and be done with it.  You see - I am back to getting up at 4 something god awful in the mornings to make my husband his breakfast and lunch before he leaves at 5 something still dark in the the morning.  Please hold your applause… it’s not all that noble… he works outside the house (and a good drive from here) and I’m basically here loafing everyday… really I’ve got loafing down-pat. 

Yesterday I measured out the dry ingredients for 4 mixes.  This morning I used one and we were quite satisfied with the end results.  I did use a gluten free flour mix (we choose to eat gluten free when we can as we just feel better) and almond milk (I don’t use cows milk) but since I’m not hardly a vegan I used real butter and egg.  I could see my throwing in some cinnamon and using chopped apple & walnuts in this instead of the blueberries.  You could easily use a regular flour and milk.

This recipe says it makes 2 muffins in ramekins or 4 in regular muffin tins.  I had this vintage 4 cup tin and it made 4 nice muffins.  Since I had divided it into 4 muffins I set the timer for 20 minutes rather than the 25 and that worked out perfect.  Since it does take 20 minutes to cook I’ll probably pre-mix the wet ingredients the night before and then warm it in the morning to melt the butter before mixing the batter.

Minimalist Baker Muffins (2)

This morning I scrambled up a few eggs with some spinach and called it breakfast!

Minimalist Baker Muffins (1) 

Oh and Nancy… I found this recipe via Pinterest… If I ever figure out how to really use the site… you’re going to be in trouble for enabling me…

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