Friday, January 31, 2014

On The Needles January 31st

Oh my… the end of the month… I’ll need to pull out “Knit the Sky” and get the month stitched up… I knitted thru the 11th thus far.

Knit the Sky January

Knit the Sky start

Today I finished up the Triplicity Shawl and it and the Morning Bells Shawl have been washed and are blocked and drying.

Triplicity (9)

Above shows the three pattern sections prior to washing/blocking and below is the picot bind off.  I just gently smoothed everything out and choose to not try and pin all those picot ends out.

Triplicity (11)

I finished the modified Susie Rogers Reading Mitts for my granddaughter.  They are some kinda sweet!  They will go in the mail tomorrow or Monday.

Keao Mitts (2)

I decided to try and clean up some of this knitting mess around my chair this week.  Leftover yarns that I’ve finished with went upstairs and I purchased a package of sheet protectors to put all those silly patterns I’ve printed out from Ravelry.  I had planned to put them all in a binder… but I’ll need to either buy a bigger binder or a second binder because they are not all going to fit into the one I have out.

I am trying to decide what to work on next… I do have yarn already to make another Turbulence Cowl or I am interested in using some leftover yarn from the Morning Bells project to make this Elis Cowl which has an Indian-Cross-Stitch pattern in it.  Or I could pick up those socks sitting over there waiting for me. 

Decisions… Decisions… Decisions…

Check out what others are knitting this week!


Judy S. said...

Lovely mitts! Looks like you have a couple of nice shawls done, too. Good work!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful Cheryl! Your knitting is an inspiration. Judy W.

swooze said...

I look forward to watching sky develop. Looks like you take 2 "readings" a day. Do you have a reminder on your phone to remember to look? Can't wait to see the update.h