Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Cob Farming…

I got in to Cob Farming about 3 years ago… quite by accident really.

You see I broke my knee… and thereby ‘fell’ into Cob Farming as a result of my rehab.

Not an occupation I had intended… it just sort of happened.

It does in some respect go hand in hand with Dust Cropping… not to be confused with Crop Dusting.

I have always sorta dabbled in Dust Cropping… I’ve actually admitted out loud that had my children been allergic to dust I would have indeed missed them.  I know… I’m a terrible mother!

Anyway a little Dust Cropping is easy to manage (i.e. teach your kids not to write in said Dust Crop) but once you cross over and become a Cob Farmer too… well things can get out of hand quite easily.

What are Cobs?  Well a friend many, many years ago introduced me to them whilst explaining that her husband had convinced her of their existence...  you know - the little invisible creatures called Cobs that are responsible for creating Cob Webs.  So there you have it… Cobs make Cob Webs and a lot of Cob Webs is considered Cob Farming…

Anyway – in depth vacuuming and dusting is considered the best method for keeping Cobs in check… but when vacuuming is not a big part of your rehab and then you get lazy just fall into a “quick lick and a promise style”… those little Cobs can take advantage.

So… with Vacuum and Duster in hand I spent my morning destroying Cob Farms all over my kitchen.  Why today you wonder?

The SUN was shining thru the kitchen window and as I stood there and admired the wonderful sight of sunshine… well you know the rest. 

Sunshine can lead to the complete (hopefully) destruction of Cobs.

And no there are no pictures to go along with this story… I might be dumb but I’m not stupid… you’ll never know if this is true or not… unless you visit… and then… well – don’t tell - OK?

PS:  I don’t want you to think that these Cobs have run amuck at my house for 3 years… that - is not the case.  I have whacked at them from time to time and my daughter completely painted my kitchen last year so all evidence of prior farms had been removed at that time… but they can be persistent critters.


swooze said...

Lol!! I'm just north of you right now. If I think I can get nearby I'll schedule a visit tou you and NOT the cob or dust crop.

KASEYSMOM65 said...

I started reading your post and thought "ooohhh, what new thing is my creative, talented friend doing now? She never mentioned this before!" You sucked me right in. I'm dying laughing right now. Thanks...I needed some snarky silliness. By the there any money in Cob Farming? I've got a few acres here myself.

Anonymous said...

As I sit here reading your Ponderings with the sun shinning in so brightly! I didn't realize that I was also a cob farmer ! Who knew ! And the dust on the coffee table .......well I could write a message there !