Tuesday, January 14, 2014

My Sky Has Arrived

Last year whilst poking around out in the Internet I found a site – Leafcutter Designs - that offered a free pattern to “Knit The Sky”.

It sounded intriguing so I read thru the pattern, looked at the kit they offered and saved the link for future reference… one of those ‘one day’ kinda projects.  But as time passed it kept coming up in my brain… I went back and looked at everything a couple times.  I thought about buying my own yarn – but decided to not waste my time – the kit was a reasonable price so I made an executive decision and ordered it.

Since I didn’t really plan to sit and knit one single row each day – I’ve just been making a notation each day (since the first of January) of the colors I would use for that day.  I’ve programed my phone to remind me each day and I have modified an online calendar so that I can add a color code to each day.

And then my sky arrived…

Sky 1

OOOOoooooo… ain’t it pretty!

Sky 2

Tomorrow I’ll wind them into balls and then hopefully by Friday I’ll have a week or two knitted… unfortunately mostly greys and light blues… but tis the season!

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Nancy said...

Now I must have some too!! Thanks for the inspiration...