Friday, January 17, 2014

The Sky is On The Needles 1-17

Yep I am Knitting The Sky!


I decided to use the Favorite Scarf Ever pattern rather than the plain garter stitch and so far I am happy with how it is going.  The pattern is easy to remember and you just need to be careful with the doubled lace weight yarn. Aren’t these colors lovely!

Sky 1

I finished but have yet to block the Morning Bells Shawl – blocking will happen this weekend.

 Morning Bells Shawl (13)

You can see both sides of the shawl above – the left side with the ribs is the right side of the shawl.  Can’t wait to get it blocked and sent out to my daughter as I think she’ll love it.

I did pull out the Felted Clogs and hope to get the last one finished up this weekend and get them felted… you know before spring.  My notes from when I last worked on them was dated April 1st… so it’s time to get them done.  Here is a picture of the first one I finished in Mid-March.  I sure am hoping they felt up good because right now they look a lot like clown shoes… the sole measures 16 inches! 

felt clogs 2

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Ramona said...

Your colors in your favorite scarf ever are gorgeous! And your finished shawl is so pretty. Looks warm!

sklinn62 said...

Beutiful scarf! I tried to knit one for a Christmas gift but kept messing up---I do want to try it again when there is no pressure.