Friday, January 24, 2014

Here’s My Knitting–January 24

January 24th… really already?  Goodness…

Anyhoo… I’m trying to finish up the Triplicity Shawl that I took a class for way back early fall-ish I believe.  I don’t have a fresh picture of the shawl but I do have a picture of this Yarn Bowl (holding the last ball of yarn).  I received this as a gift from a very sweet friend (Thank You Again!!)… and it makes me smile when I pull my yarn and I don’t have to chase it around the floor when it falls off my chair… which it always does… well - not anymore! 

Yarn Bowl

I had to clean off the corner of the table so I could take a picture… how sad is that… I need to clean up my knitting mess before my husband makes a comment.  Too many leftover yarn tags, little bits of yarn, little balls of yarn, patterns to look at, books & magazines to plan over… it’s a mess!

The bowl is from Red Hot Pottery out of Sedona, AZ which has an Etsy Shop.

Lovely, Lovely Bowl…

Last night I started a new pair of the Susie Rogers Reading Mitts – I’m making them in the small size again but will be shortening them at both ends so that they will fit my granddaughter in SC.  She wants so bad to wear the ones I sent her mother… I think these will be fun for her.  There was only one skein of the multi yarn so I picked up the purple to use for the patterned rows at the top and bottom.

Keao Mitts

Go the Judy L’s blog Patchwork Times to see what others are knitting on this week!


Teresa in Music City said...

That is one gorgeous bowl!!! I had to laugh at your having to clean off the table for the picture! My husband is always commenting about my little "piles" of stuff LOL!!! Love the colors in the mitts - she will love them too :)

swooze said...

So pretty and I love sky too!

Anonymous said...

Awesome bowl!! I'm going to have to look into that..

GD is going to love those reading mitts. The colors suit her.

I've got to start a knitting project after I finish 3 memory quilts and a Challenge quilt. Man, that sweater I want to make is never gonna get done.. Quilts just keep popping up.


Dora, the Quilter said...

I love the mitts and the yarn bowl!