Monday, January 13, 2014

Bye Bye Ghost Poo!

Got your attention didn’t I?  Let me ‘splain…

I received my Organic EVOO order from Jovial Foods on Friday.  When I opened the boxes this is what I found.

Packing 1

I’m sorry but I am just lame enough to be excited by a new product… a new packing material… I was intrigued…

Packing 2

I was fascinated… little folded and locked triangles!!  Please tell me they have a machine that folds and locks those ends together!

Ghost Poo

But then I realized that this new product might mean an end to Ghost Poo as a packing material.  I have called these ‘packing peanuts’ Ghost Poo for probably decades now… can’t remember where I first heard it – but it was dead on.  You might ask about the color variety pictured above… some white, some blue, some light green.  I assume it’s from ethnic diversity in the ghost population… don’t ya think?  LOL

Packing 3

Anyway here is my new oil from Jovial.  The bottle was still cold from shipping so the oil had solidified in the bottle.  I had pre-ordered my bottles last fall while they were in the process of harvesting and pressing.  I don’t know if you’ve seen the olive oil controversy in the press over the past year or so.  The Engineer and I decided to look for a source we felt we could trust was providing a good quality organic oil.

And that new packing material… did it’s job quite well.

Packing 4

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Rebecca said...

Too bad to learn that hilarious name as it's on the way out!