Friday, February 7, 2014

Late Night Knitting Finish…

Don’t you hate it when you lay down at night and your brain just won’t shut up so you can go to sleep?

Since that happened to me again last night I went ahead and got up because I knew I only had about a half dozen rows to finish on this cowl.

This is (again) a free pattern available thru Ravelry… it’s called Elis.  I was intrigued by it because of the Indian Cross Stitch.  It’s very easy and gives an interesting pattern.  I still need to block this – but the yarn is a Plymouth Yarn Baby Alpaca DK weight.

Elis Cowl (2)Elis Cowl

Here are the Morning Bells Shawl

Morning Bells Shawl Complete

and Triplicity Shawl – all nice and blocked and ready to be mailed!

Triplicity Shawl Complete

You know what time it is?  Time to make Felted Knit Eggs if you want to include them in baskets for loved ones this year!  I made some last year.

Easter Eggs 6

Before and after felting.

Easter Eggs 11

You knit them and stuff them and felt them in the washing machine and then you can dye the plain ones with Kool-aide!!


In the end I liked the Kool-aide knitted ones the best because the colors were just so brilliant! 


My local yarn shop is going to order some colored yarns and put together some kits for those that want to make colored eggs but don’t want to dye them.  I think they will be sweet and was glad that she liked the idea enough to order some yarn.

I’ll be linking up to Judy’s Patchwork Times for her weekly On The Needles post… go see what others are knitting this week!

And just a glimps at what my week has been like… Monday brought about 8 inches of HEAVY WET snow…


Not good for bushes…


But pretty good for kids… each age group comes out and climbs up this mountain of snow.  This is the view from my flat roof that needed to be shoveled off in anticipation of freezing rain coming the next day.


And speaking of freezing rain… here is Wednesday!


We did not loose power here but it’s been rough going for many many people here in PA.


I’ve got to ask y’all… do you see the face image in the ice in this picture?  I see a girl in the little icicle… do you?



Ramona said...

Your cowl and two shawls are just beautiful! Thank you for sharing your egg design. How fun! Years ago I smocked some eggs, so I might have to make a few of these to add to the collection.

Teresa in Music City said...

Indeed, I do see a little girl in there - LOL!!! Love the shawls - and thanks for the pattern tip :) We have not had snow much, but the frigid temps are getting very very old!!!

Churn Dash said...

I really love the second shawl. I have been thinking of making a shawl so I will look at your link.

Those eggs are wonderful!

Judy S. said...

Great projects. I need to look up that cowl; such an interesting stitch! As for the photos, BRRRR!

Dar said...

You've finished some beautiful shawls. Yes, there is a girl in that ice. Looks like Betty Boop to me. lol

KASEYSMOM65 said...

The cowl is beautiful - such an interesting stitch - but oh those shawls!! I'm plotting & planning how I can finish the two things I have on the needles now and start both of those. Are you sure your daughters will appreciate them enough??!!
And Yes! There is a little face in that ice. Been thinking about you this week with the weather and hoping you weren't among those without power. Mother Nature can sure be beautiful and cruel at the same time!

Anonymous said...

Man, have you been busy!! Love your projects! Makes me look like a slug, down here in the warmer weather.

I'm going to have to look into that second shawl. I love both buy the second one doesn't involve as much work, by the looks, in this slug's life. LOL

I'm sitting here, contemplating opening up 3 different pkgs of size 11 seed beads and crocheting a necklace. It might take me a ton of contemplation, I'm thinkin'. Looks daunting.

When you comin' down, kiddo? This week, at our Wed. quilter gathering, we are making "easy peasy" quilts. I might make a 6th one.