Friday, February 28, 2014

A Knitting Oooops! 2/28/14

I’ll be linking up with July L’s Patchwork Times blog again this week.  I had had high hope to show you what progress I made on my socks that were started at least a year ago… maybe more?  Actually I looked and it’s just a year.  Anyway for inspiration please go look at what other are successfully knitting this week.

As I said me… not so much inspiration… more like “don’t try this at home”.

Lesson:  If something doesn’t feel right – STOP right there and figure out why.

2 Up Socks 4

So these socks have been sitting patiently waiting.  I had gotten the foot part done and set it aside until I could concentrate on doing the gussett… Yes Please Laugh Right Out Loud Here!

I was working them 2 at a time on circular needles and had apparently started the increases for the gussets as there were more stitches on one side than the other. OK so I continued increasing… but after a while it was getting kinda snug so I split the increase side onto 2 double pointed needles on each sock.  Kept working but decided I really didn’t like the way the increase edges were looking… and then as I neared the last row I took a good look at the directions to make sure I understood what was going to happen next… moving stitches and placing markers and the such.  And then I saw it… What I had been working on – the increases – were suppose to alternate with a knit row… A ROW OF PLAIN KNITTING!  I hadn’t been doing that row of plain knitting – I had been (and I won’t yell this time but I want to) increasing every row… which is why it was so snug and icky looking.  So I had to unknit all those rows.  I thought about just pulling the stitches out and trying to pick them up… “trying” being the key word in that phrase.  I separated the socks, removed the wrong stitches and have one back to the beginning of the gusset and have started correctly from there.  I’ll unknit or “TINK” the other one later.  TINK is knit backwards… makes sense huh?! LOL  I’ll work on each sock individually until I get the heel done and start the leg then I’ll put them back together on the 2 double pointed needles.

I don’t so much mind being lazy and sitting around knitting… but I sure hate it when I realize I’ve even wasted my lazy time!

Enough knitting mistakes…

My approach to listening to the weather over the past week goes something like this… I stick my fingers in my ears and go “la,la,la,la,la!”. 

On Thursday when I looked out and saw BIG fluffy flakes from the passing snow shower… I thought to myself “If I have to get the shovel out I am just going to cry!”  Fortunately it was indeed a passing snow shower and I didn’t have to get the shovel out or cry.  I even went out later to run some errands in the sunshine!  Goodness it’s cold again – but it’s cold everywhere these days!  Anyway someone the other day said something in passing about the “storm on Monday”.  Since I’ve been sticking my fingers in my ears I did not know about the possibility of snow on Monday, hummm??  Then yesterday as I drove through town I went past an intersection where a front end loader was scooping up the snow on the corner and moving it back… way back off the corner.  Now we’ve had a few 40 & 50 degree days (just enough to tease us before dropping back to freezing hiney cold again) and there’s been a good amount of melting and compacting of the snow during that time - but it is far from gone.  That front end loader moving snow was a bad sign… I sat at that intersection and wanted to cry knew I needed to take my fingers outta my ears.  Sure enough another storm is on its way… with any kind of luck it will be a couple inches (insert laugh here) or based on the national news report this morning anywhere from 12 to 24 inches.

This would have been a really good year to have taken up hibernation as a hobby…


carol fun said...

OH we have all had those moments when we discover we are doing it all wrong -- I know I have had quite a few of them. Good part about knitting is at least you can unravel it and try try again. Love the color of those socks. We have that horrible forecast here in Ohio too - I am so fed up with winter. Take care - stay warm -

Judy S. said...

Love that yarn color! I have trouble getting motivated to do toe-up socks also. Let's hope the weather person is WRONG!