Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Who was that last night?

We have 2 dogs

One I believe is part Texas Junk Yard Dog... she is certainly the protector of her little part of the Universe which unfortunately includes all that she sees and hears - and she hears very well.

'Last Call' in our house usually involves me having to wake the girls up and encourage them to go outside.  It's getting to be a bit more difficult as it has gotten colder... which I understand because I no longer go out with them and just watch from the door.  No sense them wandering around the yard forever afterwards because I'm ready to lock the door and head to bed.

Last night I sent TJYD out and she stopped right outside the dog door... and just stood there.  "Hurry up - get out in the yard" I had called several times while holding the dog door open with my foot... "Hurry Up!" 

Absolutely no response from her... she just stood there and stared out across the driveway towards the school next door.  There had been activity at the school earlier in the evening but everyone was now gone.  But something had her attention.  If she actually saw someone I knew she would be barking... and BARKING... and barking!  But she was just standing... and listening...

Curious as to what had her attention I ventured outside... "Hurry up - get out in the yard" I said again to no avail as she stood and listened.  But then I heard it... actually I heard it as I opened the door but thought it was a noise the door had made.

So I listened... TJYD and I standing and listening intently... it was close... I could tell, it was very close - but I couldn't yet see it.

Whoo, Whoo, Whooo.... Whooooo... Whooooo........

That totally had TJYD confused as she's apparently never heard an Owl... up close and personal like that.  I could tell it was very close.

After just a minute of listening and looking I found it in a branch overhanging the driveway to the school - probably not more than 20 feet above where we stood.

After some research this morning I've decided it was a Great Horned Owl.

It has a 'white collar' under his face... and that is what I could see in the dark last night... as he(she) turned to look at us.  He was just a large dark shape on the branch except for the faint reflection of light off his collar.

I'll have to keep an eye and ear out for him and see if I can get a picture...

So do you have owls near you?

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Bon said...

How cool is that! I have a great picture of one that I took 2 summers ago at a nature center. It hangs in my office. I hope you are able to get a picture.