Friday, November 28, 2008

Parsley, Sage, Rosemary and Tyme...

These herbs worked nicely together with my turkey carcass to make a yummy pot of soup.  I really have not worked with fresh herbs much... so I'm pretty happy I didn't screw it up.

I'd be happy to post a picture of 'My Red Pot' of soup... however... I can't find the cable to transfer pictures out of my old camera.  Our new (since June) camera seems to be missing... not sure what happened to it as we've looked everywhere.  I'm almost afraid to think that one of the workers who were here to install a water heater may have lifted it... not sure what good it will do him because I've still got all the cables to recharge it and upload pics.  And all my pics of cooking up a couple pumpkins and making puree, or canning apple sauce, butter and jelly... I hope he enjoys them.

Anyhoo... I'm all about not cooking anymore this weekend.  Yesterday (Happy Thanksgiving!) after The Engineer cut up the turkey I threw the carcass into my new Red Pot - added water, carrots, onions and walked away.  It sat and simmered all afternoon.  After cooling it for awhile outside I poked it into the fridge. 

This morning I pulled the meat off and discarded the bones.  Then I tied a bunch of fresh herbs together, threw in some garlic, and cut up half a package of smoked sausage.  By the time the rice was finished cooking I was some kinda hungry - Yummy!  You just can't beat a hot bowl of soup.

I've got pumpkin bread in the oven and with those and the turkey leftovers... I should not have to cook the rest of the weekend.

As much as I'd love to go take a nap... I think I'll end up going and hunting around the attic to dig out the holiday stuff... ok maybe after my nap I'll do that.

And yes I'm still waiting for more pics of that cute little grandson... it's hard living in this digital age.


smiledarlin said...

Sounds so good I can smell it!!
YOU got a red pot? hmmm

Bon said...

Man, that sounds good. And I was just thinking while reading your other post about that new baby and if there might be another picture.