Monday, December 22, 2008

My Favorite Holiday Treat...

It just doesn't seem quite like the holidays if I don't make some Cranberry Orange Relish.

I have decided that I need a new name for this because a relish means... Something adding a zestful flavor; a condiment eaten with other food to add flavor.

This is good enough to eat all by itself - just you, a bowl and spoon.  I've never made just one batch a season... usually I make several and almost always in a doubled batch.

This morning I made a single batch - because I only had one bag of cranberries in the fridge and it was snowing outside.

It's easy... wash a package of cranberries.  You want to sort out any that have gone soft and squishy.... I usually find them pretty easy while washing by taking a small amount in my hand and rolling them around.  You'll pick out the soft ones pretty quick.

Cranberry Orange Relish 002

This was a 12 oz package which gave me 4 cups - just what I needed.

Grate 1 Tablespoon of orange peel... (this is optional - sometimes I do and sometimes I don't if my oranges aren't pretty)

Cranberry Orange Relish 003

Then cut the peel off 2 oranges... I use to peel them by hand and spend a lot of time trying to make sure all the white stuff was removed... but have you ever tasted a fresh cranberry? Exactly... a little bit of orange peel isn't going to make a difference... it will be fine.  Then cube it up - not too small because we are going to throw them in the food processor anyway.  Make sure you remove any seeds.

Cranberry Orange Relish 004

Put one cup of walnuts in the food processor and chop.

Cranberry Orange Relish 005

Cranberry Orange Relish 006

Dump those into a big bowl and then add half the cranberries and half the oranges.... pulse to chop. 

Cranberry Orange Relish 008

Then do the other half and add that to your bowl.  These cranberries aren't finished yet...

 Cranberry Orange Relish 007

Add 1 cup of sugar and stir.

Cranberry Orange Relish 012 Cranberry Orange Relish 013

We love to eat it just like this - but boy howdy is it good on ice cream... or cheesecake... or yogurt.  You could mix it with some cream cheese and have a yummy spread or dip for crackers.  You could gift some to a neighbor who will love you forever.  You could use it as a relish and have a little with your holiday meal.... or you could do what my girls and I do and just eat a small bowl of it just like it is... YUM!

Should keep 2 weeks (LOL as if) in the fridge and freezes wonderfully!  Freezing part of the batch is the only way I can stretch it out and not eat it until it's gone!

I modified a recipe from the Better Homes and Garden New Cook Book.

  • 4 cups (12 oz. package) washed fresh cranberries
  • 2 medium oranges
  • 1 TBSP grated orange peel (optional)
  • 1 cup sugar
  • 1 cup walnuts

Cranberry Orange Relish 014

Here was desert last night - Vanilla Ice Cream, Cranberry Orange Relish and some Spiced Nuts!

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Anonymous said...

You are a way better man than I, Cheryl! I'da used a way bigger bowl for that ice-cream delight!!

I am definately making this! The kids will love it when they finally get here. They are in N.M, as we speak, heading sort of East. LOL

Merry Christmas!